Dan Eberle

Dan Eberle – Actor/Director

“John Krause” in Prayer to a Vengeful God

Dan Eberle was born in 1974 in San Diego, California to Paul and Mary Eberle. He was a prodigious Jazz guitarist in his youth and played and taught professionally for 15 years before making his first serious foray into film.

Eberle’s first feature, the gripping urban drama JailCity, centers on two men, their fractured families, and the journey to reconcile the trespasses that tore them apart. JailCity earned Best Feature at the 2006 Avignon/New York Film Festival. Eberle was awarded the “21st Century Filmmaker Award” for his directorial achievement.

In 2009, Eberle wrote, directed and starred in The Local, the story of an indigent drug runner hired to effect the return of a wealthy man’s daughter from the drug den of her lover, a murderous drug trafficker. The Local was released in 2009 by Vanguard Cinema and Boulder Creek International.

Mr Eberle’s work continues to evolve, unfolding high-conflict storylines, and making strong, uncompromising artistic statements that challenge, move, and inspire his viewers. Dan currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He co-owns the production company Insurgent Pictures, LLC with Tim Guetterman.

Dan Eberle – Actor/Director – “John Krause”

Jennifer Farrugia – “Jennifer Krause”

Paul James Vasquez – “Transient”

Beau Allulli – “Bearer”

Amanda Bender – “Miscreant”

Leah Rudick – “Gabby”

Jillaine Gill – “Urchin”


Tim Gutterman – Executive Producer

Danielle Primiceri – Producer

David Cornue – Producer

James Parsons – Director of Photography

Vicente Guerrero – Producer

Antonio Hernandez – Associate Producer

Jonathan Berman – Fight Choreographer

Bob Hart – Composer

Tim McGonagle – Editor

Scott Smitelli – Sound Designer

Gayle Madeira – Painting and Drawings