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The multi-award winning Insurgent Pictures’ production PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD is now available via cable and satellite On Demand channels all over the US and Canada.

Check out this partial list of some of the cable providers that will be carrying the critically acclaimed Dan Eberle film. If you can’t find Prayer to a Vengeful God, contact your cable provider and demand it today!

“The cast is, without exception, outstanding. Leading by example, Eberle gives an electrifying performance as John Krause; his regression from a suit-wearing businessman to machete wielding psycho being as riveting as it is believable.”

Read Paul Pritchard’s excellent review at DVD Verdict.

Prayer to a Vengeful God walked away with the jury prize for Best Feature, as well as the Audience Award at last night’s 2010 Royal Flush Festival film awards.

“Prayer to a Vengeful God is the first revenge thriller I’ve ever seen that speaks to the audience without saying any words and tells a tale so beautifully about love, loss, and redemption.” – Juror Bill Woods.

Check out a rundown of all the festival winners at The Briefing Room.

James van Maanen’s review of the 2010 Royal Flush Festival includes a very loving commentary on Prayer to a Vengeful God.

Read his review at TrustMovies.

“…By lacking dialogue, we are sucked in more, left to analyze more deeply on visuals and actions… and the varieties of interpretation come into play. There is a set narrative, but some aspects are ambiguous — but this adds to, not takes away from, the film; you can watch it again and again.”

You can read the entire review at Killer Reviews dot com.

PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD is an official selection of the 2010 Royal Flush Film Festival. It will play October 14th at the Knitting Factory. Q&A with director Dan Eberle to follow.

If you couldn’t get tickets to the Indiescreen premiere, see it a few days later!

Buy your tickets online on the The Knitting Factory website.

Great venue, celebrity guests, and tons of other stuff going on too!

Jeff Atencio of The Jaded Viewer says of Prayer to a Vengeful God: “The world Dan Eberle creates is filled with drug addicts, criminals, low lives and vagrants. They all participate in a cinematic ballet where our main character John Krause seeks his vengeance served cold. The performances by the entire cast are spectacular…”

You can read his great interview in its entirety on the Jaded Viewer website.

Josh Samford of reviews Insurgent Pictures’ forthcoming release, Prayer to a Vengeful God, saying “…I can’t help but admire the sheer guts and artistic integrity that it takes to do such a thing. It is the equivalent of a cinematic dare in this day and age…”

You can read his great interview in its entirety on the Rogue Cinema website.

Dan Eberle (The Local) returns to the Casting Couch to talk about his new film, Prayer to a Vengeful God, which opens in October.

Listen to the interview on the Casting Couch website.

A clip from Tim Guetterman’s Power in Silence: Inside Prayer to a Vengeful God is now available online. Power in Silence is a documentary about the making of the Dan Eberle film Prayer to a Vengeful God, and will be available in its entirety on the forthcoming Vengeful DVD, due out this October.

Watch the clip on Vimeo now!

Insurgent Pictures’ new film Prayer to a Vengeful God is now on Netflix. The release date is coming soon, so save it to your Netflix queue today!

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