Cut to Black

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Cut to Black

Bill Ivers, a disgraced ex-cop, is hired by a wealthy former friend to rid his estranged daughter Jessica of a stalker. Soon, Bill finds himself interceding in Jessica’s increasingly complicated life, caught between the crushing debt of a dangerous loan shark, and the specter of her father’s shadowy past.

CUT TO BLACK is a story of desperate people living in the wake of bad choices, trying to make the most of what’s left of their time in this world.

Shot in lavish black and white tones, CUT TO BLACK is a gorgeous cinematic tribute to classic noir, set against stark, gritty urban modernity. Nobody gets away clean in this tough story of love, loyalty, and the inevitable conclusion we’re all headed for.

Action, Drama


Dan Eberle, Jillaine Gill, Beau Allulli, Joe Stipek and James Alba

Directed By:
Dan Eberle

Produced By:
Danielle Primiceri, Tommy Shull and Per Anderson


Best Feature - Prayer to a Vengeful God
Royal Flush Festival 2010

Audience Favorite - Prayer to a Vengeful God
Royal Flush Festival 2010

Official Selection - The Local
Brooklyn International Film Festival 2008

Praise for Prayer to a Vengeful God

"..the first revenge thriller I’ve ever seen that speaks to the audience without saying any words and tells a tale so beautifully about love, loss, and redemption."

Bill Woods, Royal Flush Festival Juror -

"... a stunning, visual symphony of a soon to be independent classic."

Jeff Atencio, -

"Dan Eberle is the quintessential American filmmaker"

Sean K. Berry, Casting Couch Radio -

"Eberle continues to blaze a trail of artistic genius"

Gavin Schmitt, Killer Reviews -

"Cinema in its truest form"

Josh Samford, Rogue Cinema -

"A raw and guttural look at the nature of revenge"

Tim Needles, Short & Sweet, NYC -

Praise for The Local

"Dan Eberle is a Genius and needs to break out big time"

Gavin Schmitt, Killer Reviews -

"After it was over, I just felt my jaw on the floor"

Josh Samford, Rogue Cinema -

"The Local is unsanitized cinema, full of brutal hard truths learned one punch in the face at a time"

Jeff Atencio, The Jaded Viewer -

"Skillfully held together by Eberle’s flawless performance"

Steven Alm, A Writer’s Life -

"Dan Eberle has demonstrated he is one to keep an eye on"

Scott Chitwood, -

"The finale is earnestly heartfelt and well-earned"

David Cornelius, DVD Talk -