Cut to Black

Cut to Black

Created: 2012

Prayer to a Vengeful God

Prayer to a Vengeful God

Released: October 2010

The Local

The Local

Released: October 2009


Best Feature - Prayer to a Vengeful God
Royal Flush Festival 2010

Audience Favorite - Prayer to a Vengeful God
Royal Flush Festival 2010

Official Selection - The Local
Brooklyn International Film Festival 2008

Praise for Prayer to a Vengeful God

"..the first revenge thriller I’ve ever seen that speaks to the audience without saying any words and tells a tale so beautifully about love, loss, and redemption."

Bill Woods, Royal Flush Festival Juror -

"... a stunning, visual symphony of a soon to be independent classic."

Jeff Atencio, -

"Dan Eberle is the quintessential American filmmaker"

Sean K. Berry, Casting Couch Radio -

"Eberle continues to blaze a trail of artistic genius"

Gavin Schmitt, Killer Reviews -

"Cinema in its truest form"

Josh Samford, Rogue Cinema -

"A raw and guttural look at the nature of revenge"

Tim Needles, Short & Sweet, NYC -

Praise for The Local

"Dan Eberle is a Genius and needs to break out big time"

Gavin Schmitt, Killer Reviews -

"After it was over, I just felt my jaw on the floor"

Josh Samford, Rogue Cinema -

"The Local is unsanitized cinema, full of brutal hard truths learned one punch in the face at a time"

Jeff Atencio, The Jaded Viewer -

"Skillfully held together by Eberle’s flawless performance"

Steven Alm, A Writer’s Life -

"Dan Eberle has demonstrated he is one to keep an eye on"

Scott Chitwood, -

"The finale is earnestly heartfelt and well-earned"

David Cornelius, DVD Talk -