Four months after he’s brutally attacked in a violent home invasion, John Krause wakes from his coma. His own wounds are healed, but his wife Jennifer is dead. His life is gone.

John’s body responds to physical therapy, but his mind is crushed by his grief, and he regresses to a child-like state. He tries to return to his work, but can focus on nothing but his misery. John’s doctor administers meds to help him adjust, and John finds that,if he takes enough pills, he is able to retreat to an idyllic dream state,where he and Jennifer are together again. And then the pills wear off, and John is left to his dead life. So, John takes all the pills at once…

In a drugged haze, wandering the park in his pajamas, John happens upon a transient, who is into a territorial scrap with a couple of bums. The Transient dispatches the bums effortlessly. John is fascinated with The Transient’s fighting skills. With a dime bag from some drugdealers in the park, John approaches The Transient and offers to share. The two convene in a trash bivouac in the trees, and the transient teaches John to smoke properly.

Later, at John’s apartment, Jennifer’s friend Gabby shows up to give John a bag of Jennifer’s personal belongings. John goes through the bag and finds a freebasing pipe among her things. John turns to Gabby for an explanation. Gabby breaks down, telling John all about Jennifer’s double life…it started with buying cocaine from a mysterious tattooed woman at a dance club, which lead them to a party at a drug house on the bad side of town, where Jennifer engaged in scandalous sex with the dark stranger who lives there.

At first, Jennifer thought this event was a one-night stand, and she would return to her marriage, but Jennifer went back to The Stranger for more the very next day. Her experiment with The Stranger quickly devolved into a torrid, protracted parade of sex and drug use. An affair that ended the night Jennifer broke it off… The same night John and Jennifer were attacked.

John insists Gabby take him to the club where it all started. Gabby obliges, but when they find The Tattooed Woman and John loses control, Gabby abandons him. John follows The Tattooed Woman back to a house in a disheveled neighborhood. When he tries to follow The Tattooed Woman into the residence, he is stopped cold by a doorman. John tries to push his way in, but the doorman throws him into the street. Outside of the residence, John is attacked by muggers, who beat him unconscious and take all his money.

The next morning, John goes to The Transient and demands the old man teach him how to fight. Over time, as The Transient trains John, hardening him physically and dulling his fear, John travels further down a dark road. A road paved with the corpses of vagrants and street skels. A road that leads directly to The Stranger’s stronghold. The road to vengeance.

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